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Online Admission 2017-18

» Provisional Merit list will Publish 16.06.2017
» Final Merit list will Publish 20.06.2017

From Principal’s Desk

The Mother Earth has ever given birth to some children who enlighten others and grace the civilization to go ahead. The impulse to do something positive ever haunts their minds. They dream and consecrate their lives to materialize their vision. For the sense of delight or the sense of duty or the idea of leaving some imprint in this globe they are committed to enact their vision.

One such effort is the laying of foundation of our Institution in 2007, 6th August. It was also the brain child of some men of action who very often lead us to think alike and sometimes make us wonder with their new light of thinking. When any educational institution is founded, its periphery and the concerned with it, begin to hope for something salubrious to turn up. They ruminate over it and aspire for something positive, that one day it will become the centre of learning, the centre of excellence, and the centre that will enlighten the people under its jurisdiction…etc. Even very often they go to the extent of thinking that it would be an instrument that should claim a perennial position in the globe itself, and in the long run becoming a global centre of learning. There is no folly in thinking in such a manner or even in having the guts to think to such an extent. Rather, we should think in this same light. But there is a crux in this line of thought. For the execution of the cherished idea there lies the titanic responsibility on the part of those who are entitled to carry it forward. We know, our hands and brains hardly go paired.The fullness of a thing relies much on the active role played by ...   View More...


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